Feature/Function :

New Flamirror 8

    Anti static and surface resistivity is 8th power of 10.
    Fire retardation, applicable to No 3 of fourth of fire requlation japan.
    Welder processed, available to process both side of the film.
    Eco-friendly, applied to Rohs.
    High transparency.


    Used as a sheet of clean room
    Cover of precision machine
    Package material
    Protecting sheets

*Available for curtain installation and by request
*We also selling the attachment spare parts, like curtain rail etc

Toughnyl Framirror TF-5

Anti Static, Fire Retardation, Transparency, Blueness Type
Standard size : 0.3mmx1370mmx30m/0.5mmx1370mmx20m
Application     : Partition curtain for factories, Clean Room.

Toughnyl Flamirror TF-6

Anti static, Fire Retardation, Transparency, Greenness Type
Standard size : 0.2mmx1370mmx30mm/0.3mmx1370mmx30m
Application     : Partition curtain for factories, Clean Booth, Clean Room.

Toughnyl Framirror TF-7

Anti Static, Fire Retardation, Matt finished, Black Type
Standard size : 0.3mmx1370mmx30ms
Application     : Completely opaque, means black, anti static, fire proofing sheets.
Most suitable for photo developing room or dark room partiton.

Toughnyl Framirror Insect Prevention, Orange Type

Anti Static, Fire Retardation, UV Rays Prevention
Standard size : 0.3mmx1370mmx30m
Application     : Cut off the wavelength which attracting insects and provide the superior performance in preventing insects. The optimum products for food factories, printing factories as preventing  measure against insects.

Toughnyl Framirror Welding Bronze

Anti static, Fire Retardation, UV Rays Prevention
Standard size : 0.3mmx1370mmx30m
Application     : Cut off the ultraviolet ray. Most suitable for blocking the welding light  and using as blackout partition curtain due to it cutting off approximately 80% for visible ray.

Toughnyl Framirror Redness

Fire Retardation, Transparency, Redness Type
Standard size : 0.3mmx1370mmx30m
Application     : Redness, transparency, fire proofing sheets.Using for protecting on construction site, painting partition.

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