Clean Booth


        Clean Booth is a cost efficient alternative to a cleanroom. cleanliness is achievable with this versatile equipment. Flexible and economical, it may be easily relocated or expanded as required.
         The steel framework offers a stable structure yet requires minimal construction time. The unit also allows for easy height adjustment. For other frame available for customer requires.
         On side panels can be constructed out of acrylic or ESD sheet following customer's requirement. Ulpa or Hepa filter with a filter efficiency of 99.999% for 0.3μm or larger particles ensures a clean environment within the Clean Booth.


 • Class 100-100,000  environment
 • EG Steel construction with powder coat or Stainless Steel 304
 • Economical and flexible – easily relocated or expanded as required
 • Clean work zone environment created for optimum product protection.
 • Custom-design to order.
 • Instrumentation as required
Sizes : Customized according to requirement
Color : Stainless Steel, Steel powder coating

FFU (Fan Filter Unit)

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