Allkeen Company Limited Founded in 2015. more than 12 years to present we have experienced on sales to handle on customer requirement. We offer products used in all areas of contamination control - we supply clean air devices, cleanroom furniture and equipment, and cleanroom consumable products. We believe that the experience is a guide to understand in customer needs covered.

Allkeen Company Limited proud to get authorized distributor for Japan Wavelock product in Thailand for domestic distribution following item

* Strip Curtain : TAKA Sheet
* PVC Curtain : Flamirror
* ESD Sheet : Distac 2

Our Product & Service

1. High Grade of PVC curtain from Japan Wavelock

    Strip Curtain - TAKA Sheet Anti Static Transparency,Insect Prevention,Anti-Cold,Pointers.

    PVC Curtain - Flamirror TF-5,TF-6 Insect Prevent Orange Type.

    ESD Sheet - Distac conductive PVC sheet.

2. Cleanroom Equipment and Construction Materials

    Cleanroom Equipment - Air-showers, Pass-boxes, Clean booths,Larminar

    Cleanroom Furniture - Cabinets, Garment booths, Tables, work-benches,Croos Bench.Shelfs,Chairs.

    Cleanroom and ESD Flooring - Conductive Tile, Raise Floor,Epoxy, PU.

3. Cleanroom Consumables

    Cleanroom Apparel - Cleanroom and ESD Garments, Smocks, Hoods, Caps, Aprons, Booties and other apparel items.

    Cleanroom Gloves and Finger Cots - Latex, Nitrile, Vinyl, Knitted gloves, and others.

    Cleanroom Wipers - Polyester, Non Woven,Micro Fiber Bemcot, and others.

    Cleanroom Stationery - Paper, Pens, Folders, Notebooks, and others.

    Cleanroom Product - Cleanroom Mop,Sticky Mat and others.

    ESD Product - ESD Shoe, ESD Table Mat, ESD Grounding ESD Curtain and others.


Quality and service you can T R U S T .



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